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Hunky Gunnar Hansen is in for the shock of his life when he discovers that 'what happens in Vegas' doesn't stay in Vegas...

Confirmed bachelor Gunnar Hansen, has successfully resisted the matchmaking efforts of Dottie Grace and her posse of granny wannabe’s. There’s no room in his life for love, or for starting a family of his own. Not when his hands are full running Hansen Stables and heading up the board of Prairie’s new medical clinic. But everything turns upside down when the socialite who ditched him at the altar years ago turns out to be Prairie’s new doctor.

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Four years ago, fresh out of medical school, Suzannah Winslow took a gamble on a sweet-talking cowboy who left her high and dry… and pregnant. With her residency behind her, and an offer to become Prairie’s first and only physician, she can finally provide her daughter with stability she’s longed for. She has no interest in taking a second chance on a silver-tongued cowboy full of empty promises. Even if his smile still melts her panties.

But Gunnar has other ideas, and when he mounts a full-scale campaign to win back the woman he lost, will little Lula Beth become his unlikely ally or the wedge that drives them apart for good? Playing doctor has never been so sexy...

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He’s the Devil she shouldn’t want

Thrown out of the house when he was seventeen, bad boy Colton Kincaid left Prairie in the rear-view mirror and never looked back. Determined to make something of himself, he scrapped his way to superstardom at the top of the rodeo circuit, leaving behind a string of broken hearts. He’s perfectly happy with his no-strings-attached life until a chance encounter with hometown good girl Lydia Grace leaves him questioning everything and wanting a shot at redemption

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Only love can quench this fire

When Cassidy volunteers for a dangerous hotshot mission in the wilds of Colorado, Parker insists on going with her. As they travel together into a life-threatening situation, will their love combust like the trees that surround them? And in the battlefield of a forest fire, will Cassidy be brave enough to fight for the one thing that will snuff out the fires that rage within her?

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Will lightning strike twice for love?

Axel jumps at the chance to help Haley with her research, and before they know it, they’re caught in the crosswinds of love and obligation. But as devastating tornadoes rip through the area, they’ll have to confront their feelings for each other and decide if their love can weather any storm.

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What’s a guy to do when the girl of his dreams makes a pass at him?

Saying no to Hope Hansen was the hardest thing Ben Sinclaire has ever done. Despite the fact that he’s loved her since grade school, between their age difference and a family feud, a romance between them was forbidden. But now she’s back and the girl he loved has become all woman. He’s finally ready to make his move, but he’ll have to get around her brothers and a field of admirers to do it.

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Can They Handle the Heat?

Brodie Sinclaire, the youngest and wildest of the Sinclaire brothers, has just been given an ultimatum. Settle down and run the hunting lodge his brothers have built, or find a new job- on another ranch. His first order of business is to find a cook who will last more than a week. He gets more than he bargained for when the cook he hires turns out to be his sister-in-law’s best friend, fiery redhead and Cordon Bleu trained chef, Jamey O’Neill.

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Will their Love Go SUPERNOVA? Or Collapse into a BLACK HOLE?

Maddie's father owns land that used to belong to the Sinclaires, and Blake will do anything to get it back - including talking Maddie into a fake engagement. But Blake’s got secrets. Big secrets. And when they come to light, will their love withstand the shockwaves?

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